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#Real Talk by Amberlin Salas
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#RealTalk 157 pages
Challenging Teens & Young Adults to Go Beyond the Ordinary

#RealTalk by Amberlin Salas is available in Book form as well as Amazon Kindle Digital form.

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Testimonial Review

"It is good that such a treatise has been written, not to just convey the message, but to provide solutions"

-- J. Stanley Davidson, Alabama District UPCI Superintendent

“In a time when so many young adults are walking away from truth, it is vitally important for an Apostolic generation to turn the trend around.

In #RealTalk, author and veteran student minister Amberlin Salas encourages young adults to get the truth in their hearts and never walk away.

Through transparent life lessons and Biblical principles the reader will be inspired to learn about living a victorious life for Jesus Christ.”

- Matthew Johnson, MBA, CASC
General Youth Division Secretary
United Pentecostal Church International

“If your passion for Apostolic living is not what you want it to be then this book is a must read. In #RealTalk, Amberlin Salas takes you on a journey and reintroduces you to what it means to be Apostolic. She gives you a systematic understanding on bringing the passion back to the forefront. Although #RealTalk is written with teens and young adults in view, I recommend this book to anyone that desires a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.”

-Darryl Freeman
Pastor, The Lighthouse in Greenville, AL
North American Missions Director
Alabama District UPCI

“In a world that seems to be constantly bombarded with fake, phony and fictitious information and people, #RealTalk is a breath of fresh air. Amberlin
Salas provides us with great insight that is both practical and powerful. This book will help shape a generation of youth and young adults by helping them refocus their attention on what’s really important… Jesus Christ!”

-Jimmy Toney
Director of North American Missions
United Pentecostal Church international

"I felt the anointing and the Spirit from the very first page. Honest, direct, dynamic: it speaks the truth courageously and unflinchingly. I promise, you will get a blessing from reading this. #RealTalk is a powerful book."

- Claire, 17
Young Adult - College Student

"So thankful we have Christian writers not afraid to tell the truth. Amberlin Salas has written a phenomenal book for teens and young adults. She conveys to a generation to never forget Who holds your world even when life seems hopeless. All or nothing is exactly what it takes with God."

"What an awesome couple being such Godly examples for this generation! Thank you for writing this book. It changed me for the better." #RealTalk

-Jared Howell, Tx